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Rockerbox Spice Co. | Roasted Garlic Dust


Product Description

Artisanal Garlic Dust, handmade from fresh organic USA-grown garlic. The garlic is slow-roasted before dehydration, and therefore has a garlicky, sweet, smoky flavor. We use a slow low-heat dehydration process to preserve all of the fresh garlic flavor, and grind each batch just before bottling for maximum flavor. Handmade garlic powder is about 3 times stronger in flavor than factory-made granulated garlic products. Garlic Dust will flavor anything from pizza takeout to homemade meals without adding texture. Use it in meat rubs, salad dressings, in sauces, to season vegetables, or sprinkled on your favorite pasta. For the true garlic lover, it's as versatile a seasoning as salt. 0.85oz Glass Jar

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