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About Us

A little about our mission...

We're Brianne and Brandon, and between us, we've lived at over 18 different addresses within New York State over the years (yeah, that's a lot of moving trucks).  We've discovered a copious amount of awesome food in our travels and thought about how great it'd be to hand-select those very products to share with people both in New York State and across the country.

The diversity of our home state is truly exceptional-- the Adirondack State Park itself is larger than the neighboring state of Massachusetts. From Niagara Falls to Wall Street and from Brooklyn to Buffalo, The Empire State is teeming with talented, motivated artisans creating a wide range of unique, high-quality products that proudly represent that diversity.

Our mission is to travel the 54,000 square miles of New York State meeting these artisans, trying their products and delivering the cream of the crop to you, our subscribers, every month.  Whether you're missing "home" or want to see what else The Empire State has to offer, we welcome you to join us on this delicious journey of discovery!



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